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Student Showcases

Our Monthly Mini Showcase (for all students) will be taking place on the first Saturday of every second month from 2022 and our Cutie Pie Showcase (for our young students) takes place during the school holidays. All our regular students, who are interested in performing, can take part in these showcases. These showcases are a great for giving our students a goal to work towards and also gives them the chance to show off their skills to their loved ones. Students can perform in as many shows as they would like.

Every Monthly Mini Showcase has a different theme and students need to pick a song, character and outfit based on their interpretation of the theme.

The children in our Cutie Pie Showcase are giving free choice in picking their routine, song and outfit for their performance.

Upcoming Showcases

Mini Showcase – November 2021


Mini Showcase – October 2021

Cutie Pie Showcase – August 2021



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