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The Silk Workshop


We are proud to be one of the original Aerial Dance Performing Arts Schools in South Africa having begun teaching Aerial Silks to students in 2011. 

The Silk Workshop was started by mother and daughter team Nicky and Roxanne and their friend Lynzi who came up with the concept in order to provide aerial dance as corporate entertainment and offer training on Aerial Silks to students interested in the aerial arts. The business is now owned solely by Nicky and Roxanne who have over 40 years of experience in the Circus Arts and are professional, multi-talented performing artists.

Nicky was a professional figure skater in England but fell in love with the circus and swapped her passion for the aerial arts. Strong and skilled with a smile that sells every performance she delivers to perfection, she has performed around the world on various apparatus such as silks, trapeze, cradle, and lyra.

Roxanne was born and raised in the circus and could pull herself up on the mini trapeze suspended above her crib before she could even walk. Flexible and graceful, she combines her love of dance with her aerial skills to deliver performances so soulful and exquisite.

They have performed many unique acts over the years together from a roller-skating act, to hula hooping, to double silks, double lyra, acrobalance, and more.

The Silk Workshop is also an entertainment agency that provides artists for corporate events. Anything from daring aerial acts, to acrobatics, contortion, and even performances with fire.
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