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Taped aerial hoop/lyra apparatus with rigging attachments


Taped aerial hoop/lyra apparatus:

Hoops with tape has the most amount of grip. The hoop is made to the custom size of your choice with the standard size being 93 cm in diameter. It comes with rigging attachments, which includes, 1 soft strap (1 metres), 1 rigging strap (1 metre) and 1 carabiner. The tape that covers the hoop comes in various colours which includes:

Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, White and Nude

Please note that some tape colours may be out of stock when placing your order, therefore we ask that you choose 3 colours when ordering your lyra and label them in order of colour preference.

The product price only applies to hoop sizes ranging from 80 cm to 110 cm in diameter. If you would like a hoop size that is out of the above size range, please contact us directly.

Please note: Installation of the apparatus is not included in the product price. Orders will only be fulfilled once payment has been made and proof of payment has been received. Please allow for up to 15 working days after the order has been placed before delivery or collection.

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