5 Good reasons to attend our weekly flex and bend class

We’re very fortunate to have the lovely and very bendy Anel van der Walt join us every Wednesday evening from 5:00pm to 6:00pm to guide us through a focused Flex and Bend class. Anel is a biokineticist so she knows the body, and is also a competitive pole dance professional so she knows the importance of being flexible and the challenges people face when trying to improve their own flexibility. By her own admission, a few years ago she battled with her flexibility and had to dedicate time to her stretching practice and set aside time weekly to focus on this element of her training in order to reach her desired flexibility goals. These efforts have certainly paid off for her and we are thrilled that she is so willing share her experiences and exercises with us in her weekly classes and help us stretch and strengthen our muscles this way.

Regardless of your flexibility goals or the sport you partake in, stretching is very important and here are 5 very good reasons to attend a weekly stretch style class:

  • Stretching has a calming effect: As the muscles contract and lengthen the physical body relaxes, which then translates to a more relaxed and calm emotional state. Stretching re-energises and relaxes the entire body.
  • It builds and elongates muscle: Stretching allows you to move through the full range of motion required, in effect creating long and full muscles instead of stunted ones.
  • It reduces the risk of injury: Just like vitamins are seen as preventative medicine for health by decreasing the likelihood of illness, stretching can be thought of as preventative medicine for the body by ensuring it stays mobile, flexible and, best of all, injury free. A flexible body means that your long muscles are not as susceptible to tearing so you have plenty of room to move when performing other types of exercise.
  • Stretching encourages faster recovery: Exercising creates toxins in the body as muscles are exerted. By stretching the muscles, these toxins move into the bloodstream and out of the muscles, where they can be broken down and eradicated.
  • Stretching gives you that flexy feeling: One of the by-products of stretching is quite obviously improved flexibility. With regular stretching you will gain an increased range of motion and you might soon find yourself capable of moving into positions that you once thought were impossible.

So come and join us on Monday evenings and treat your muscles, your body and your mind to a superb workout and improve your chances of reaching your own flexibility goals. You won’t be disappointed. Cost of classes is R100 per drop in.

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30 Days of Lyra Challenge

Our Lyra girls are taking part in the 30 Days of Lyra Challenge that is buzzing online in the aerial world and we are so excited for the awesome images that will be posted by them over the month of September. Keep your eyes on this blog post or on our Facebook or Instagram pages to view the collages of our beautiful girls in the specified poses aond join in on all of the fun and action.

To view all the individual daily entries into the challenge, use the hash tag #30daysoflyra on social media.

Day 1 -Mermaid Pose

Day 2 – Amazon Pose

Day 3 – Bird Pose

Day 4 & 5 – Elbow & Single Leg Hangs

Day 6 – Gazelle Pose

Day 8 – Man in the Moon


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Bachelorette parties with a difference

Get upside down before you get in the gown!

Since love is already in the air, why don’t you get in the air to celebrate!

If you are looking for a unique and entertaining way to host a Bachelorette Party, consider us for some thing completely different.  Aerial Dance Bachelorette Parties give you and your friends the opportunity to let your hair (upside) down and to dance the night away in a manner no one will ever forget.

Our venue has all the equipment installed and easily accessible, and includes a viewing and catering deck that oversees all the action. Our experienced instructors will take you through a variety of fun aerial activities and teach you some awesome aerial poses and new skills!

We tailor our parties to suit the number of attendees and your budget, so contact us to discuss your requirements and let us help you plan a party of epic proportions!

For further information, please complete the form below or contact us on 073 273 3538 or email us at thesilkworkshop@gmail.com


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Children’s birthday parties a hit at new venue

Our first children’s Aerial Dance Birthday Celebration at our new venue was a huge success and everyone had loads of fun. We had a wonderful time teaching the young ladies how to do Silks and Lyra and are super impressed with how well they all did getting into some spectacular moves with ease. They absolutely loved the hammocks too and the spinning and swinging section of the day were met with squeals of delight.

It is wonderful having such a versatile venue with all the equipment set up and easily accessible and we are thrilled we are able to offer such a variety of Aerial and Circus Style activities for children’s birthday parties. The upstairs deck also makes for a fabulous catering area as well as rest area for children and parents.

More details on what we offer for Children’s Birthday Parties are available on our For The Kids page.

To let us help you plan a unique and fun celebration for your child, contact us directly on 073 273 3538 or thesilkworkhop@gmail.com or complete the form below to have someone contact you to discuss further.

Comments from Bridget Gardiner daughter Caitlin’s birthday party:

“Thank you sooooooo much Caitlin. One of the best parties I have been to”

“Thx Bridget and Caitlin for such a fun party. Sofia couldn’t stop talking about it!”

“Thank you so much. I loved it so much!!”

“OMW!! Best party ever! Thank you xxx”

“Thanks so much Mika had a ball! X”

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