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Cutie Pie Circus Showcase

Cutie Pie Circus Showcase

Our next Cutie Pie Circus Showcase will be taking place on the 14th of December 2019.

If your child is interested in taking part please let us know. Children who attend our regular weekly aerial classes or who participate in the Children’s Circus Holiday Program will be given the opportunity to perform in the Cutie Pie¬†Showcase

2018 Cutie Pie Showcase

Our 1st Cutie Pie Circus Showcase was a great success.

All of our young talented artists did so well.

Top from left to right:

Scrumptious Shayne, Hyperspace Harper, Talented Taryn, High Flying Hannah, Luscious Lilly

Bottom from left to right:

Creative Chloe, Happy Holly, Magnificent Megan, Ambitious Ally


Zoya the Destroyer (left) and Moya The Queen of Cuteness (right)

If you sign your child up for our regular classes they too can be part of our next children’s showcase.

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